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Twenty-eight years have passed incredibly fast. Our shop now has windows, heat, and a roof that doesn’t leak. We still work with many of our original customers and have added their children to our list of patrons.

We have worked hard on understanding design. What works, what misses. The furniture we are making is not a copy or a reproduction, but an original work. Frequently based on furniture of the past, we admire the old details, then we add our creativity so that each Kinloch piece is unique. We believe this adds additional value to our work, which makes our work much more desirable today and hopefully extremely collectable tomorrow. We cannot compete against the lore of the antique, so our work has to be better crafted, better designed, and we must use better wood.

Our shop and showroom are open to visit. The showroom is a Victorian house filled with our furniture, all for sale, not samples. “I really want this one"  is answered by  "you can have it!” The furniture is set off by oriental rugs and paintings on the walls. Walking through one sees the range of Kinloch work. We get bored doing the same things – so we don’t. Federal inlay, carvings…  well you can see in our catalog the variety in what we do.

The shop is clean and has that lovely workshop smell. Accurate woodworking machines, interesting rough lumber, projects being crafted and antiques being restored, are what you’ll see. We make what our customers ask for. We design what our customers need. We are also able to create pieces that we are passionate about, then feature them in the showroom.

Come visit our showroom and shop, Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm and Saturday's 9am-12pm (and by appointment). We're located at 1721 West Doe Run Road (Route 82) in downtown Unionville, Pennsylvania. We always have a fun project in the works!

Contact Doug anytime, at 610-347-2070 or by email at kinloch1@me.com.

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