Bubinga Desk

Bubinga Desk

The log was 8 feet in diameter and 19 feet long. Weight: 45,000 lbs. Cell phone call: "Doug - I am in Germany and there is this log..."  What a gamble - you never know what you are going to get until you pay the price and start sawing. Well, I was younger then and feeling a brash, so I gambled.

What a log! Boards 58" wide and beautifully figured. All left in the barn for years. At some point one has to use the wood..  but what to make? 

We made a desk. Curves and figured wood and lovely white edges and 2 drawers. Some fun journey - through tenons. Everywhere you look fun!  You feel the need to touch the curved edge.  A Kinloch original.

  • 35" - 41" wide
  • 84" long
  • 30" high


Price: $9800.00

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